My heart goes out to his family. Lets not overlook Public Broadcastng with its excellent programming, either). Over the years has shown archaeology all round UK. But when he returned to Britain, Tony found the studios equally intransient. I am Canadian-born but living near Atlanta, Geogia, and travel to the UK often. I now look forward to watching as many individual shows as I can in the future. Or are we all to turn off our televisions once we reach 40? In 2011 the production centre for the programme moved from London to Cardiff. I will think of you when I am digging in a field this afternoon, that you once dug, and bury a memento in your memory. Time Team! The writing was on the wall though poor scheduling . Lytham St Annes. RIP MICK ASTON. if only someone could afford too get all thecast back and go on channel 2 or 5 any ware but not on 4 .. who ever made up there minds to get rid off TT I HOPE there bosses can see the error they are makeing.very sad to see it go. What better way of introducing archaeology to young people than for them to see it on a Sunday afternoon? . By the summer of 2012 Channel 4 no longer wanted old Time Team. So thank you TT, you helped rekindle my interest in history and if Id been 40 years younger you would probably have been instrumental in a career change! Restructuring, avoiding dumbing down, possibly making it a shorter programme all could help. And the team. Despite the Ancient Monuments Laboratory having drawn a blank the year before, Johns state-of-the-art kit revealed the monastic complex in startling clarity. The same has been witnessed with the BBC. I am sooooo sorry the series is over. share. NON of these corporations do they think we are all idiots who will do as they as told like little children in school!!!!! My dad worked for the National Park Service and I was born quite near Chaco Canyon[(a universally important archeological site) in a Navajo mission(Christian) hospital]. The show ran on the chemistry among the original team, and failed to work as they left or lost interest. 20 years is a long time in television. Above all we learned something new in each programme , not the usual rehashed information served up in other one -off programmes on popular periods. It was not the first time that a chance conversation with Mick had got someone thinking about television archaeology. With regards to a few folks comments about Tony Robinson. What about the good time team has done? (all good things must come to an end). Thank you channel 4 Thank you very very much . He joined the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (now part of English Heritage) in 1985, and is now head of its Landscape Investigation Team based in York, England. The huge plus for archaeology in general has been the raising of the profile of a branch of science that prior to this program was the province of a fairly small group of people. TT would be ideal on BBC4, which is a very good channel, and it would be great to see a full hour. In fact, I actually struggle to watch any anyway, as I made clear at the beginning the post production is irritating. My youngest is 10 and has been a fan from as early as I can remember, he has his own dig at the bottom of our garden and a massive fossil collection. I ask other time team regulars get writing and see if time team can be saved either by another tv station or a rethink by channel 4. Axing time team is a huge mistake. And there is much yet to dig and poke at historically in the world, let alone Great Britain. R.I.P. In other words, archaelogy, teamwork, and interaction in that order. I loved it and speaking as an Hibernian, the only thing I found mildly irritating was Tonys obsession with all things Roman. It is sad to read the mechanics of its demise and, worse, to see it played out on screen. I therefore conclude that the program is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. For those too grief stricken to cope right now, subscribe to the youtube video blog of Dig Village. Victor Ambrus peerless ability to bring the past to life on the fly, for example, was harnassed after his artwork caught Tim Taylors eye in Readers Digest. A brilliant series has been lost to the older viewer. Its all happening ere Tony. I generally watch one episode a night, but on weekends I sometimes binge watch until my eyeballs beg for mercy. Thank you,Mick, for all that you gave us.and thanks to Micks family for sharing him with us. I want Time Team brought back. Please bring together the old team Mick, Phil, Carenza, John, Francis and Stewart. Shame I can now only watch it at 5am on the History channel. Your email address will not be published. Real shame, feels like Ive lost my friends! As a lowyal Time Team viewer from Australia, I am devastated. Leave it to an insular management team to screw it up. Brought up 3 kids on it. A group of archaeologists have 3 days to discover historical artifacts in different sites around Britain. I have been binge watching on YouTube whilst laid up with a medical issue. People came and went, such as my favourite Robin Bush, but those two remained, as did their stamina and zeal for the show. Like Philip Lethbridge I would be happy to watch TT for ever. tony and all made history come to life to the public and we {as a family] looked forward to the one great programme aweek but know more,,,,how old are the producers ,if they watched t t perhapes they could learn that life does not always mean MONEY MORE MONEY , What a bummer! Please bring back Time Team with Tony Robinson. While viewing it might be a bittersweet experience we should enjoy the moment while we can. Ive learned that anything classed as experimental Is just filler as theyve found nothing. We hope that someone our there will take them under their wing and continue the shows its been great,you have shown us so much interesting archaeology of our past from all the corner;s of our beautiful planet,and its hard work doing all that digging and trying to preserve it for our future children. There is more than enough rubbish shown on tv so why axe a good item that entertains, explains and raises more questions. and have watched it since the begining. It was broadcast over TVO Toronto Canada. We also miss Stuart very much. Im sure it was meant to interest younger viewers in Archeology, a noble enough concept. It feels very sad that I shant do that. Have a look again at the programme where Phils DNA results come in and watch Tonys reaction. Years earlier, Sir Mortimer Wheeler did some Archaeology pgms on TV and they were always popular. I liked the pictures Victor did on several shows which showed the principals in historical costumes. John has kept on top of technical advances, and the results of his survey of Brancaster Roman fort provide one of the outstanding moments in the forthcoming season 20. Im an Englishman, came to Australia as a 12yo in 1970. We now need a new champion of archaeology at a time when budget cuts in public service have resulted in the shedding of many jobs in the profession and the threats from a new phase of building construction looming large. Its one of those few things in life that meant so much, really looked forward to every episode. Tim Taylor recalls that some archaeologists were initially, quite fairly, a bit sceptical. One aspect that some treated with suspicion was the three-day deadline. Struck by how much could be learnt in a few hours, Tim wondered what could be achieved in a few days. If they wont reinstate Time Team ,then why not release All episodes in a DVD BOX set . Team Team gang were so funny with their understanding of each other and professional approach to their subject, their knowledge of it all and portrayal to the audience was so entertaining, and Tony added an open view to a usually flat subject, with his level headed approach to academics and gave it life. On the other hand, all good things come to an end. With Tony Robinson, Phil Harding, John Gater, Stewart Ainsworth. Beautifully expressed, Andrew. There is a huge following in Australia and after the debacle with the producers bringing in you know who as a co-presenter (of cleavage), the show started its slow path to division. Also, a Presenter is not supposed to insult the experts he is reporting on. In South africa we have seen so few TT programs and when in the UK on holiday I imediately check for surren programs to watch. Hello from the US. When I signed there were 1,600 names. He said: The time had come to leave. His presentation throughout all of the series, which I have almost finished running though for the second time, is stellar. We live in USA. Now British television can be as dumbed down and offensive as American television has become. I loved the camaraderie.. the discoveries.. the wonderful feeling of how people not only survived in early times..but were every bit as capable and inventive as WE think we are ! How amazing to see the history of England being unearthed. []. It was an opening into a different world that gave me hope that THIS one can be sorted out ! It has become a staple in our family, even with the ABC running older series in high-rotation it beats the rest of the 6pm options hands down, even in repeat mode. Time Team (Collection 2) - 11-DVD Box Set : Tony Robinson, Phil Harding, John Gater, Stewart Ainsworth, Mick Aston, Victor Ambrus, Henry Chapman, Ian Powlesland, Matt . I have enjoyed Tony Robinsons commentaries. This once innovative and ground breaking channel has started to descent to almost ITV 1 depths of dumbing down in recent years, it certainly isnt the channel that Jeremy Isaccs created anymore. I enjoy his style of presentation. Also it being on an increasingly miserable Channel (4) did it no favours whatsoever. I have watched time team since episode one and I am gutted . That way we still get our fix when we want to remind ourselves how good this series was. I too am upset that this has been axed. There are quite a few of us down here watching repeats ( up to 5 times) but even so they are still interesting. Time Team - Phil Harding Phil Harding Field Archaeologist Phil Harding is Time Team's resident trench-excavator. , Cant we have Phil once a week digging a hole in a pub garden, please?xxxx. I agree with the above sentiments, get the brilliant crew back. In an interview with the magazine British Archaeology, Professor Aston said he was responding to changes first proposed by producers at Channel 4 in late 2010 before the filming of the series that is currently being aired. I loved the banter between Tony, Phil and Mick and anyone could see they enjoyed their jobs. From Phils glee over Stone Age flints, Tonys wisely playful and challenging banter, Micks sage hand on the digs tiller, Johns gentle determination to get the best cartography the technology can provide, Franciss round house fireside mussing on an Iron Age mans joys in life and Stuart goes walk about so we can get the lay of the land and know our place in it was amazing, every bit of it. How many people can look back on a twenty years span of such a masterful contribution to human culture? Im not proud of Time Team, it hasnt worked.. The UK is lucky that it has such a long history. But Channel 4 has dumb it down, the last episode i watched was at Henham Park down the road from me, They found out nothing that wasnt local knowledge already. This feature was published in Current Archaeology issue274. Yes I agree I miss fresh episode aswell please come back, Yes I agree, the quality of weekend television is terrible give us back some interesting programs, Still record and watch the show love it all I can say is Bring back Time Team. Mary-Ann Ochota caused the Time Teams slow demise as she and the behind the scene executives strangled a Team that had worked played and laughed together over so many years making not good but great viewing. Whatever happened, wed all thought, well complete the 20th series. [emailprotected]. Much as I still love watching them (though, annoyingly, More 4 often shows the same programme a week later), I can hardly bear to think there will be no more new ones. In all fairness thank you C4 for having the foresight to do the programme in the first place but put the money saved back into culture, dont invest it in any more fly on the wall or the only way is type of programmes or you may just lose any of the credibility youve gained. Sir Tony Robinson, who is an honorary patron, says: I was delighted to hear about the plans for the next chapter in Time Teams story. I too wonder why they stopped it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont think that the U.K. has the monopoly on scrapping popular shows it happens here in N.Z. However BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is a state-owned institution from inter-war origins. You know they say the difference between Americans and the British is that the British think 250 miles is a long distance and Americans believe 250 years is a lot of history. Lee. Failing that I can recommend looking at Google Maps satellite pictures of your local area looking for earthworks hours of fun! The past shows took it for granted that the viewers were intelligent and did not need someone (other than Tony I love him) to ask questions in his humorous fashion. I was surfing the internet to obtain correct titles for some episodes that I recorded earlier. It is that dull and droll science of Archeology, which when one attends a lecture on the subject, or a program on television normally results in boredom, numbness, squirming, or easy sleep. Like others I would like to see somebody else either bringing it back or developing the format. Can anyone help us with the contact? document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3c3c528f5d4ab9be4dd73fd43d71409" );document.getElementById("ac59ec51d8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Latest news from our sister site, Perhaps if TT had included a Big Brother style segment of drunken, debauched university students or only dug up the gardens of minor celebrity reality tv show contestants theyd still be on the air. What are you going to replace it with? I owe a debt of gratitude to the wonderful Time Team ensemble. I suppose theres nothing wrong with her per se, but her presence is utterly unnecessary. the cast were so friendly to each other and the show was so intresting and made you think off our past . here was atransfixing series, turning elitist subject into everyday knowledge for the ordinary man. 200k an episode? I have been planning to return for several years now for a holiday and to catch up with friends and relatives. time team r.i.p. there must be a law t I am off to channel four to ask them what is wrong with audiences that are over 40, 50 or even 60, what is wrong with older peoples programmes? The fact that TT was the only programme I regularly watched on Channel 4 I am very sad to see it go. I guess it was always going to happen when TV administrators who, judging by the few Ive seen interviewed, are challenged by words of more than two syllables come into contact with educated professionals. Meanwhile Tonys role transformed from a quiz master to translator of all things archaeological for a general audience. axed is their a petition running ????? Last night (17 June 2014), they had a prominent, crude cartoon of a mans sexual equipment inserted into this highly humorous clip. But once the old hands started to disappear the magic went too. Long-serving archaeologists Helen Geake and Stewart Ainsworth would appear less often. The changes proved too much, too fast, and viewing figures crashed to 700,000. What lies under the ground of the countrys past. It is a great shame it is finishing and I am very sad!! Thank goodness for DVDs of past episodes.

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